Sunday, October 10, 2010


So there is this little micro-brewery located in Warren right off the service drive of 696 at the Groesbeck exit. Its called Dragonmead My good friend Julie Haven plays here every other Saturday night and from time to time I show up for some good beer and music. I headed out last night not really thirsty for beer (for once) or hungry for anything. But when I arrived it really is half impossible NOT to order something here. So I ordered a pint of the Oktoberfest. OOOOBER delicious, I might add! While waiting for other friends to show up I peer over the menu just for fun. The one thing that caught my eye were SWEET POTATO TOTS. I have had many sweet potato dishes; baked, french friends, chips, etc. But never have I had sweet potato tots! for $2.50 I thought I would give it a shot.

When the tots arrived they didn't look like anything special, they didn't even really look like a normal tater tot. My first bite into one of the tots and I knew the whole basket would disappear and there would be none left to share. There are by far the best tater tots I've ever had. They are pictured below, along with my beautiful friend Julie :)

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