Saturday, October 9, 2010


I bet all of you will agree, todays weather here in Detroit was BEAUTIFUL! Mid 70's, and sun shining! I had a hard time deciding if I should wear open toe shoes or not. As I sorted through my shoe collection I realized that all summer I only bought two new pairs of open-toed wedges and that made me sad. But what made me happy today was even better, a new site called It is described as a social catalog. It is very exclusive and is by invite only so naturally I put in a request for an invite. So until then I can't really tell you how the innards of this site work but here is what I got from the little bit I could view:

1. Pictures are "pinned" to the site via blogs, and websites.
2. Now that your picture is pinned it seems you can share via different categories or "boards" as they call them.
3. Your picture can now be viewed by the network and "liked" or "repined" to your profile.
4. Comment if you like it :)... or don't I guess! haha.

With this said, I can not wait to get my invitation. I saw many different categories from home decor, to photography, and mostly just "pinteresting" things.

This little guy was an image that caught my eye... how darling :D

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